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Re: no more "one CD fits all" ...and then?

>From Vagrant Cascadian on Monday, 2005-07-11 at 10:34:35 -0600:
> > > V.) per another distinction
> > >
> > > There haven't come any more characterisitics to my mind up to now.
> > > You have got another suggestion? Let us hear about it!
> > 
> > Yes. You got the point: the question is: where to split. Two further 
> > options come into my mind:
> one that i had mentioned in IRC would be to put the installer,
> language-specific packages and core packages on one CD, with everything
> else on the second CD.

"Language-specific packages" means above all kde-i18n-*.
To include kde-i18n-* without the applications strikes me as backwards.
Hence I would suggest the reverse procedure.  Put the applications
on the first CD and the language specific packages on the second.

> but if it's possible to stick with one CD, that's ideal.  but i'm not
> sure that that's possible... time will tell. :)

It certainly is possible, depending on what your priorities are.
But in the end, I think the individual user groups, wherever
they are, will have to set the priorities for themselves.

In my view, the main contribution of skolelinux is to offer a set
of well-configured servers out of the box.  The applications are
not usually configured in the same way -- merely downloaded and
used as is.  In short, the core of skolelinux is the servers,
and they certainly fit on one CD.


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