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Re: eZ in Debian-Edu and on skolelinux.org?

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On 20-01-2005 19:08, Alex Brasetvik wrote:
> Ralf Gesel|ensetter wrote:

>> Our wiki was open. There were several spams a week - dirty ads and all
>> that stuff - which was really annoying.
> My experience is that in an active wiki, such abuse is discovered and
> remedied promptly. If we go for a wiki solution we will certainly
> experience abuse, but there's lots of eyes -- in different timezones,
> too -- in this project, so I don't think we should abuse alone should
> scare us away from a wiki solution.

And some wiki engines support more clever anit-spamming techniques.
MoinMoin supports distributed spammer lists.

>> Everybody played around here and there, even if the front page was
>> well designed and gave a godd structure, using the search function
>> resulted often in outdated or wrong information.

Hmm - do you prefer less input so that there is less material to keep
up-to-date? Or do you want to hide material that is old and thus _maybe_

Sorry, but I fail to understand how non-wiki engines solve this better?

> Another thing I really like with MediaWiki, is the "wix"-utility. [2]
> It gives you a "CVS-interface" to MediaWiki, enabling you to work
> offline and with your editor of choice -- check out, edit, update, commit.

Offline editing in MoinMoin is work in progress:

 - Jonas

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