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Re: eZ in Debian-Edu and on skolelinux.org?

torsdag 20 januar 2005, 11:44, skrev Herman Robak:
> What Skolelinux needs is a package that sets up a ready-to-go
> CMS tuned for schools.  That is, the CMS must be running and
> ready for teachers to use right after the Skolelinux main server
> has been installed.

The simple reason for this is that teachers in general that operates a 
computer network a school has 1-4 man-hour a week to maintain the 
system. Then it's no time to use time on configuration and maintaining 
issues. It just has to work, and provide the possibility to be placed 
elsewhere with adjusting the name of the ez-service in DNS. 

The down-side is what to do with the content in the CMS in a couple of 
years? Then the the CMS vendor(s) has changed their system in a way 
that the schools have to move content from an earlier version to the 
new one. How should their manage that with 1-4 hours a week, where all 
their time goes to other tasks with 320 pupils and teachers and 70-100 
thin clients and 3 servers ... 

In Skolelinux our goal is that everything part of the upgrade and 
maintaining should be done  fully automaticly when it comes to software 
handling, and configuration. We have visited many municipalities that 
runs Skolelinux in a centralised manner. They operate 1500-2300 users 
and 250-500 terminals with 20-40 hours weekly work effort. The schools 
don't have 4 persons on full time to handle the same amount of 
equipment as just 1/4 of the amount of users, as they do when they 
operate a Windows-network with the same amount of terminals. 

It's our job is to reduce the job and complexity when installing, 
operating, and maintaining a Skolelinux-network, not increasing it :-). 
When introducing an CMS it should be done with 0 more workhours when 
configuring and maintaining it. 
Knut Yrvin

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