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Re: eZ in Debian-Edu and on skolelinux.org?

On Thu, 2005-01-20 at 11:02, Bård Farstad wrote:
> There is also the issue of maintaining a Debian package of eZ publish. We have 
> been working on a Debian package. If Jonas Smedegaard would like to maintain 
> this package we would be happy to assist with this to make the package as 
> good as possible.

 The Debian package has been there for quite some time.
What Skolelinux needs is a package that sets up a ready-to-go
CMS tuned for schools.  That is, the CMS must be running and
ready for teachers to use right after the Skolelinux main server
has been installed.

 A suggested solution to this was to leave the Debian package
as it is.  This package is a general package, which requires
some manual configuration performed in a shell.  For Skolelinux,
an additional package, e.g. ez-edu, could be made.  That package
would depend on the Jonas' generic package, and use scripts to
set up a CMS with the appropriate templates.
 This solution could be re-used for other limited domain setups:
ez-home, ez-blog, ez-whatever.  Maybe eZ would consider a
"custom eZ" product line?  I know this might diminish eZ's
consultancy business.  But since those packages still are
baselines, just at a higher level, they could also mean more

 Herman Robak

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