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Re: eZ in Debian-Edu and on skolelinux.org?

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On 20-01-2005 11:45, Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:
> [Herman Robak]
>>A suggested solution to this was to leave the Debian package as it
>>is.  This package is a general package, which requires some manual
>>configuration performed in a shell.  For Skolelinux, an additional
>>package, e.g. ez-edu, could be made.  That package would depend on
>>the Jonas' generic package, and use scripts to set up a CMS with the
>>appropriate templates.
> As far as I can see, this will make it hard to do upgrades.  Am I
> right?
> At least the current debian package is a "source" package, just
> providing the scripts which need to be copied into somewhere else.  So
> 'aptitude upgrade' will not upgrade the production scripts, and fixed
> security errors might still be in the production system after the
> "source" package is upgraded.


Thank you, Petter - I couldn't have expressed it better.

If maintainance of actually configued eZ sites is possible (in a sane
way) then I'd be happy to maintain it as part of the ezpublish (source)
package. No need for different maintainers - unless off course you
disagree with my arguments or for some other reason do not want to work
with me, but that's a different (and quite normal) issue.

 - Jonas

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