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Re: Weekly report week 48, plans for week 49

On Mon, Nov 22, 2004 at 01:20:33PM +0100, Andreas Schuldei wrote:
> That package i will install on maintainer this week and see that it
> operates as expected.

i spend a lot of time fixing various problems with that import
script. those were mostly related to the cerebrum API and order
in which things are done.

besides that I
- updated the cerebrum package with regard to java packaging
- investigated where the documentation is on the website, without
  success. A mail to the mailinglist remained unanswered.
- corrected the build-correctness of the cerebrum package with
  help of pbuilder
- i uploaded a new version of schooltool
- had some cerebrum discussions/lectures/conversations on irc
- wrote Mails to the german Mailinglist
- spend some time discussing Kmails security situation
- posted the bills from the oldenburg meeting to norway
- talked to vidar on the phone
- set up my new office chair
- took notes of what i did

during the next week i hope to
- fix the preliminary import scripts to generate persons and
  accounts and associate users with them
- write up some basic stuff about debian
- work on the AFS modules for UML and configure it rudimentary
  (since it would be wasted time and opportunity to attend the
  AFS hackatlon the week after without a working test bed)

Further future goals are to 
- shrink the import script in size (some more redundancy to
- work on the wlus testframework, so that work on wlus can be
  picked up again in a controlled way
- write a cerebrum backend for wlus
- switch wlus to that cerebrum backend
- attend the AFS gathering in stockholm in december...

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