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Re: Weekly report week 45, plans for week 46

during the last week (45) i work on cerebrum.  together with
mathias i tweaked the configuration, and we agreed on a good
course of action for work-splitup and how to help each other

for that purpose i need to write a longer mail to him documenting
the example ldif i sent him already on friday.

otherwise i uploaded packages for people, sorted through bills
once more and ordered a chair for my "home office". (c:

furthermore i spend time searching bits and pices of information
on python-coding. (cerebrum is written in python and i dive into
python to be able to code against it`s api. the python
documentation is organized strangely).

i got some python coding done though and can import group files
into cerebrum now and notice if they are broken. users should not
be much different. i will attempt to integrate both into one
application during next week.

when that is done i will need to decide on how to bind WLUS to
cerebrum (there are two interfaces) and before i can continue
coding the cerebrum backend to WLUS i want to have the testsuite
in place. *sight*

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