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Weekly report week 45, and next step

* Meetings

- 5. nov teater Fam
- 4. Nov Skolelinux/TeleComputing at Rena - around 15-20 persons.
- 3. Nov UDE, SDL, SBS reconciliation of details in the design
              from last workshop.  09:30-14:00
- 2. Nov Skolelinux/TeleComputing at Kongsvinger - around 30 persons.

* Work

- Made a huge pile foils that outlined our recomondation for a
  centralised placed service and operation centre for running
  Skolelinux at 100 schools (or more).
- Coordinating with Halden IT-Forum (Jørn L. Pettersen
  <jorn pettersen(at)kediv no>
- A lot of telephone conference with Tosten Tøfte to get him up to
  speed with following up the schools that using Skolelinux in Norway.
- A whole lot of e-mailing
- Improvements to the foil-ware used when introducing teachers and
  ICT-stafs to Skolelinux
- Telephone meeting about making a tailor-made Skolelinux-server 
  to support dynamic content in the new curriculum in "media 
  and communication" at the secondary school.
- Some e-maling with the Nordic council
- Some e-mails to the County Council in Buskerud.
- I probably forgot something

* Next step

- Meeting 10. nov with UDE, SLX, SBS. kl 09:30-13:00
- Invite Kongsvinger to the work with the operational concept
- Writing the recomondation to the municipal department of education
  in Oslo.
- Sending the minutes from the meeting to make the foundation: "Åpne
  kontorprogram på norsk".
- Working getting some financing of OpenOffice
- Making a leadership guide for how to facilitate open source projects
- Following up the question about making Debian Edu weekly news (VB)

By Knut Monday 8th November 2004

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