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weekly report week 48

Done last week:

 - Released d-i rc2.
 - Finished checking all relevant CVEs for sarge, posted update to release
 - Continued tracking new security holes.
 - Branched the d-i repository for sarge.
 - I was on Thanksgiving vacation for the rest of the week.

Plans for this week:

 - Catch up on what happened while I was away.
 - Switch debian-edu sarge CD builds to use the d-i rc2 instead of unstable
 - Set up 16 port digiserver for test system's serial consoles.
 - Work on RC bugs on debian-edu packages.
 - Set up hppa d-i install tests.

General TODO list:

 - Assign bugs in the Debian BTS for the items listed in
   (After verifying/reproducing them).
 - Read over the new English translation of the drift book.
 - Register/tickets for Jan dev meeting

see shy jo

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