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Re: Weekly report week 46, plans for week 47

On Mon, Nov 08, 2004 at 12:03:24AM +0100, Andreas Schuldei wrote:
> for that purpose i need to write a longer mail to him documenting
> the example ldif i sent him already on friday.

did that. I need to check back with mathias how usefull it was
and if he needs more.

> i got some python coding done though and can import group files
> into cerebrum now and notice if they are broken. users should not
> be much different. i will attempt to integrate both into one
> application during next week.

i did attempt that. i learned about python module writing and
tried out several different ways of doing things, but am not done
yet. i would say i am done ~20% coding and ~60% learning. Hard to
estimate, though.

> when that is done i will need to decide on how to bind WLUS to
> cerebrum (there are two interfaces) and before i can continue
> coding the cerebrum backend to WLUS i want to have the testsuite
> in place. *sight*

i did more package sponsoring for several people and irc`d and wrote
some mails about how things work out in germany.

I got no answers yet from the Schoolsoftware developers i wrote to
regarding cerebrum imports.

furthermore i check into omniorb a bit to learn more about
interfacing with the metaserver.

this week (47) i will continue to work on my python and the
import of /etc files.


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