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FAQ splinters


for the moment, I lack the time to add these points to our FAQ. So, I decided 
to name some points not to forget them. The answers are just from my memory, 
before putting them into any official FAQ, they should be verified:

Q: How to enable mouse wheel on thin clients?
A: Change PS/2 to ImPS/2 on LTSP, file /etc/ltsp/lts.conf

Q: How to turn off pc speaker's bell?
A: xset b off - putting this into /etc/bash.bashrc might work

Q: What can I do if the "task bar" (i.e. kicker) hangs?
A: killall -9 kicker; kicker

Q: When a thin client user keeps a key pressed within openoffice writer, cpu 
usage increases up to 95% while others have to wait. I know, this is kind of 
sabotage, but can I prevent this?
A: verynice could be a way for the future to detect uncommon loads.

Q: Can't I increase my vertical sync over 60 Hz using "vesa" as driver?
A: No, you need an appropriate driver. Matrox cards should work without 

Q: Why doesn't Konqueror use tjener's webcache despite set up 
in /etc/kioslaverc?
A: Check file attributes for this file, there had been a bug that prevents 
users to read it (-rw------).

To be continued

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