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Commercial involvement of SLX Debian Labs in Debian Edu market (was: Re: Week 30 report of Knut Yrvin. Week 31 plans)

Today there has been a thread on the mailing lists about various projects and tasks that it seems SLX Debian Labs is involved in, and that some of the project developers and others might get involved with as well. I am not impressed by the lack of answers to explicit questions that have been asked.

It seems that SLX Debian Labs, which is a foundation funded by another foundation as far as I understand, and which has paid the lions share of the money spent on the project so far, is about to get or already has an agreement with "a large private Application Service Provider" which is setting up a "day-to-day operation center of operating many Skolelinux-installations at schools in different municipalities".

If this is correct, then I think SLX Debian Labs should come clean about this and explain what this agreement really is, and with which company. There has always been pressure from people in the core of the Debian Edu project to keep information in the open, also when this information is commercial. There are several companies that have contributed either directly, or through their employees, to the development and spreading of the solution, in various stages of the project. There is also an option to become a support member of the Skolelinux organisation, which, to my knowledge, is necessary in order to use the Skolelinux name and logo commercially.

My own employer has a number of customers that we support on Debian Edu. Others are in the same situation. This means there is a market for providing various solutions, products and services based on Debian Edu. SLX Debian Labs should acknowledge this and explain what is going on. As things now stand there is considerable uncertainty, and should SLX Debian Labs become involved with a single large ASP this will tilt the level playing field considerably.

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