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Re: Week 30 report of Knut Yrvin. Week 31 plans

Knut Yrvin wrote:
tirsdag 27 juli 2004, 15:25, skrev Knut Yrvin:

The centralised day-to-day best practices is to ensure that The Ministry of Education and Research can furfill their own plans in the plan of action for 2004 that accompanies The Program for Digital Competence 2004-2008.


To be more spesific on the plans: We have not get any monetary support from the ministry of education yet. Vidar has said that we will go forward with this effort anyway. Everybody is invited to participate in accordance with the requirements from the ministry. The no-named firm has asked us if they can participate. We have said yes to this. UNINETT AS also seems to think this is an good idea. Both Finn-Arne and Linux Labs are invited to participate in this work to their own benifit. As we have outlined in the requirements to the project application written after a request from all the politicians in Oslo city: Det blir lagt stor vekt på bruk av elektroniske fora, gjenbruk av gode løsninger og effektiv sentralisert drift. Vi vil møte kravene satt i «program for Digital kompetanse» fra Utdannings- og forskningsdepartementet. Det blir satt sterkt fokus på å sikre lave vedlikeholdskostnader, og optimal rolledeling mellom sentralisert drift og lokal støtte til IKT. Erfaringsrapporter deles fortløpende.


It will be of great importance in use of electronical forums, and reuse of good solutions and centralized operation. We will meet the demands stated in the "program for Digital competence" by The Ministry of Education and Sciense. It would be a strong focuse on securing low maintenance cost, and optimum divedes of rolles between centralised operations and support to ICT localy. Practice and knowledge repports are shared continuous.

I don't understand. You say specific plans. Which specific plans? Introduction of Skolelinux in 20 schools in Oslo?

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Ragnar Wisløff
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