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Re: Q: Raid-5 Controller (Hardware aquiration)

Hi there,

this is what I learned meanwhile:

ICP Vortex is said to be good - but it is expensive, too:
GDT8514RZ => 990 Euro
GDT8114RZ => 540 Euro (Raid 0/1 only!)

In comparism, Adaptec is quite cheap :) If Klaus says it works, I'll go 
for the 2010S Controller then :)

Further hardware alternatives are DAC or Megaraid - some say, you can 
use 3ware IDE Raid even if you have to exchange the discs more often 
then ... Others plea for software Raid, well.

seems to develop quite fast now (thanks petter) :)

On Monday 19 July 2004 18:28, Ralf Gesellen'setter wrote:
> On Monday 19 July 2004 17:56, Ralf Gesellen'setter wrote:
> > One of our possible suppliers insists on omitting that device (400
> > Eu!) as the TX150 comes with some built-in Adaptec 2010 PCI
> > extension that uses the onboard SCSI interface offering a hardware
> > RAID-5 function.

> 1.http://www.spinics.net/lists/raid/msg05513.html
> 2.http://www.backoffice.be/shop/information.asp?artid=791473&lang=uk
> 3.http://www.idealo.de/preisvergleich/OffersOfProduct/57191.html
> 4.http://mlf.linux.rulez.org/Archivum/linux-200309/msg00155.html
> 5.http://linux.derkeiler.com/Mailing-Lists/Debian/2003-10/5604.html
> --
> rgx(at)GMX-DE


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