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Re: Debian-edu sarge

Finn-Arne Johansen wrote:
Just to inform you all about status on sarge.
I guess we will have to loose the ltsp3 images from the official
education-tasks, since they are not going into sarge. When it comes to
thin clients and booting them we have some choices to make. Someone has to do some work to get a working thin-client solution. ltsp3 - the one that we uses in venus. Old, should be left behind as
         soon as we have another solution
 ltsp4 - no packages availible, but it works to install from the
         scripts from www.ltsp.org
 diskless - Old diskless setup from Potato. Seems like it doesn't work
            to well on sarge, or maybe just the documentation is
            lacking ? Version accepted into testing

There's recent activity to adopt the package. Read the corresponding bugreport: http://bugs.debian.org/107808

 lessdisks - Looks like a newer initiative, with Jonas Smedgaard as debian
             maintainer. This also lacks the easyness of ltsp.org
             setup. Version accepted into
             Testing 2004-05-25
If Jonas could come up with an easy way of how to use diskless, things
would maybe be easier ?

You mean lessdisks, right? (others have gotten confused as well ;-) )

I have currently a load of work (I need to get good understanding of OpenAFS and Kerberos5 to fix a school network before school starts in august), but the upstream author of lessdisks, Vagrant, claims most current problems of the current package is fixed in a newer release waiting for me.

Here's some differences between ltsp3 and lessdisks (from the top of my head):

* Lessdisks supports both SSH-tunneled XDMCP traffic (the Debian-packages sdm and sdm-terminal) and the simpler insecure traffic used by ltsp3 (which requires less CPU on both client and server).

* Lessdisks ties terminal configuration to MAC address instead of IP number.

* Lessdisks by default (when properly implemented - Vagrant claims it works now) uses plain vanilla default Debian Linux kernels, so security updates is swift! (hey, I added that part! ;-))

I hope to soon be able to package the newer release (it is not quite as simple as most packaging: Vagrant tries to make it work for both stable and unstable, while my goal is to make it as lean and mean as possible on unstable). In the close future is also Vagrant working on compatibility for ltsp-like configuration in order to make it easier to switch, and I have been granted write access to upstream CVS to get directly involved...

What is currently seen as easier with ltsp3 than lessdisks? Please feed the Debian Bug Tracking System with your wishes and bugreports. We do look at them even though right now development seems stalled from the outside.

Anybody knows details of security implementation of ltsp4?

 - Jonas

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