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Debian-edu sarge

Just to inform you all about status on sarge. 

I have in my testbench now a venus Main server and a Sarge ltspserver
with the old packages for ltsp from ltsp3. (The same as we use in

Since most cfengine-debian-edu only knows about the sarge files, some
configuration is wrongfully handled. The problems I know of as of today
on a ltspserver is: 
 exim - the configuration files has changed, and we've switched from
        exim3 to exim4. I guess it would be easy to configure exim4 to
        forward to the mainserver. 
 autofs - The format of /etc/default/autofs has changed, and the files
          needs an manual edit for now.
 kdm - It doesnt allow xdmcp from other hosts
     - All users are listed in the login box

Another thing that we need to work around is the config of the keyboard
in Xfree. When going for sarge, locale is changed from no_NO for
bokmaal into nb_NO. This is not handled well, and we are left with us

I think that is about it. 

The installation is pretty straitforward. I've created my own CD, and
building it localy on my laptop. I'm using the same d-i as the one that
Joey built 2004-07-06, but including only the packages needed to
install main-server and thin-client-server. 

The image is availible from 
 rsync cvs.skolelinux.no:~ftp/tmp/faj_sarge/debian-edu_sarge.iso

There is not much difference from the result of this installation, and
the one that Joey is building. The reason I build my own, is that I'm
then able to build whenever I want to test, and not when Joey has set
up in the crontab. Joey's image also could have the anoying feature
that the installer stop to work, because someone released a new d-i.

The Image is now 374 MB, but I have removed a lot of apps from the
workstation-task. Also note that the standalone task is not working. 
And there is not any documentation nor floppy boot posibilities on
this one. 

I guess we will have to loose the ltsp3 images from the official
education-tasks, since they are not going into sarge. When it comes to
thin clients and booting them we have some choices to make. 

Someone has to do some work to get a working thin-client solution. 
 ltsp3 - the one that we uses in venus. Old, should be left behind as
         soon as we have another solution
 ltsp4 - no packages availible, but it works to install from the
         scripts from www.ltsp.org
 diskless - Old diskless setup from Potato. Seems like it doesn't work
            to well on sarge, or maybe just the documentation is
            lacking ? Version accepted into testing
 lessdisks - Looks like a newer initiative, with Jonas Smedgaard as debian
             maintainer. This also lacks the easyness of ltsp.org
             setup. Version accepted into
             Testing 2004-05-25
 nfsboot - Also old ? Version 0.0.9 accepted into testing 2003-01-24

We have a problem with getting thin-client-server accepted into sarge
while depending on some packages that wont build from source. And ltsp4
needs it's own building environment. 

If Jonas could come up with an easy way of how to use diskless, things
would maybe be easier ? 

We could build deb's out of the packages from ltsp.org for ltsp4, but
then we would not get them into sarge (maybe into non-free)

But we would still have problems if we wanted to run some applications
locally, since all application would need to be compiled in the ltsp4
build environment. I dont want to do that with OpenOffice.org. (i'm not
even sure about mozilla). 

Finn-Arne Johansen 

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