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an idea for debian-edu tasks

We're still having much trouble getting the education-* packages into
testing. The next release of tasksel will have some features that could
let us use it instead of task packages, and avoid these problems. 

Here's how it could work: 

 - debian-edu installations install a education-tasks package, or similar.
 - This provides a /usr/share/tasksel/debian-edu-tasks.desc, which lists
   the debian-edu tasks.
 - Also a /usr/lib/tasksel/packages/debian-edu program. That program would
   be responsible for outputting a list of packages to install as part of a
 - With the above files in place, tasksel would be able to display and
   install debian-edu tasks.
 - We could also include a /usr/lib/tasksel/tests/debian-edu, which
   would be used to tell tasksel which debian-edu tasks to automatically 
   install, based on /etc/debian-edu/config.
 - debian-edu-install would be changed to let tasksel run during
   base-config. The debconf priority would prevent tasksel from being
   seen, but it would install all the appropriate packages from
   debian-edu tasks just as it does for other Debian tasks.

This would solve the problem of education-* task packages dependencies
keeping them out of testing, since we'd no longer have such packages.
The implementation of /usr/lib/tasksel/packages/debian-edu could just
cat out predetermined lists of packages for a task at first, but if we
later wanted to make it use debtags or something more sophisticated,
we'd have the flexability to do that. Another nice benefit is that we
could make the education-laptop task be automatically installed if the
Debian laptop task was installed (the Debian laptop task will soon be
automatically installed on all laptops).

The disadvantages are mostly related to not being able to apt-get install
education-whatever. We would need to deal with upgrades in some other
way. Perhaps we would still include education-* packages, but rather
than depending on everything in the task, they could just be installed
as part of it, and be used to add new packages during upgrades.

Another area of complication is getting the package lists for the CD.
Simply adding the education-* packages to the CD would not do it anymore
(if it ever really did). The new tasksel has a facility to list the set
of packages in a task, and I will probably hook this into debian-cd.

see shy jo

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