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Debian-edu sarge

> Debian-edu sarge
> To: Debian Edu Mailinglist <debian-edu@lists.debian.org>
> Subject: Debian-edu sarge
> From: Finn-Arne Johansen <faj@bzz.no>
> Date: Sat, 10 Jul 2004 15:43:21 +0200
> Sender: Finn-Arne Johansen <faj@bzz.no>
> Just to inform you all about status on sarge. 
> I have in my testbench now a venus Main server and a Sarge ltspserver
> with the old packages for ltsp from ltsp3. (The same as we use in
> venus). 
> Since most cfengine-debian-edu only knows about the sarge files, some
> configuration is wrongfully handled. The problems I know of as of today
> on a ltspserver is: 
>  exim - the configuration files has changed, and we've switched from
>        exim3 to exim4. I guess it would be easy to configure exim4 to
>       forward to the mainserver. 
> autofs - The format of /etc/default/autofs has changed, and the files
>          needs an manual edit for now.
> kdm - It doesnt allow xdmcp from other hosts
>     - All users are listed in the login box

Can you, or anyone else, tell which exact changed are to be made from woody to 
testing? I have upgraded, but no thin-clients works anymore (we have changed 
the ip-set up because we have an existing system to adapt to; the upgrade had 
to be made in order to use the newest packages of openoffice in norwegian; 
they cant be installed on woody).

> Another thing that we need to work around is the config of the keyboard
> in Xfree. When going for sarge, locale is changed from no_NO for
> bokmaal into nb_NO. This is not handled well, and we are left with us
> keyboard. 

I managed to change the Keyboard using this:
removing kde-i18n-no_NO and installing kde-i18n-nb_NO and nn_NO


> I guess we will have to loose the ltsp3 images from the official
> education-tasks, since they are not going into sarge. When it comes to
> thin clients and booting them we have some choices to make. 
> Someone has to do some work to get a working thin-client solution. 
> ltsp3 - the one that we uses in venus. Old, should be left behind as
>         soon as we have another solution
> ltsp4 - no packages availible, but it works to install from the
>         scripts from www.ltsp.org
> diskless - Old diskless setup from Potato. Seems like it doesn't work
>            to well on sarge, or maybe just the documentation is
>            lacking ? Version accepted into testing
>            2004-03-16
> lessdisks - Looks like a newer initiative, with Jonas Smedgaard as debian
>             maintainer. This also lacks the easyness of ltsp.org
>             setup. Version accepted into
>             Testing 2004-05-25
> nfsboot - Also old ? Version 0.0.9 accepted into testing 2003-01-24
> We have a problem with getting thin-client-server accepted into sarge
> while depending on some packages that wont build from source. And ltsp4
> needs it's own building environment. 
> If Jonas could come up with an easy way of how to use diskless, things
> would maybe be easier ? 
> We could build deb's out of the packages from ltsp.org for ltsp4, but
> then we would not get them into sarge (maybe into non-free)
> But we would still have problems if we wanted to run some applications
> locally, since all application would need to be compiled in the ltsp4
> build environment. I dont want to do that with OpenOffice.org. (i'm not
> even sure about mozilla). 

I dont understand what you mean here. Is it a Problem to get OOo to work as 
multiusers under Sarge?


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