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Re: There is a DoS vulnerability in Java 1.4 (URL)

On Thu, 15 Jul 2004, Herman Robak wrote:

> > For those ignorant people like me: Could you please post the URL / sources.list
> > entry to get a recent JRE 1.4.x ?  I never realized that there is something except
> > of Blackdown and the packages there are not up to date.
>  Skolelinux distributes Sun's JRE, not Blackdown's,
> for the sake of interoperability.  Skolelinux got
> permission from Sun to do this.  It may not be
> acceptable to Debian-edu, for licensing reasons.
Well, I did understand this from your first mail.  For a certain application
here I have the same requirement.  My question was: Is there an URL for
Debian packages or not.

>  This is one of the few points where Skolelinux
> differs from Debian-edu.


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