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Q: Workstation Hardware Layout? (Urgent)

Dear `experts`,

before I can enjoy some vacations, I have to order the teacher's 
workstation. I hope to get some advice to have an up to date but 
debian/stable compatible machine.

This is what I think of:

Pentium IV 2600 MHz
512 MB RAM
CD-RW 40x
IDE HDD 40 GB (silent, 5400 RPM)
USB 2.0
D-Link PCI - LAN (100 Mbit)
PCI Sound (SB compatible)
AGP Graphic card
Silent Fans (ball bearing)!

I am quite uncertain about what brand the mainboard - and most other 

To take profit from the silent TCs I also want the teacher's WS be very 
quiet. Also thought of a barebone - something like XShuttle.

We plan to connect some scanner - either an older AGFA SCSI (then we'd 
nbeed some dear PCI controller) - or a new USB scanner, if that is 
supported with stable.

Video and Firewire input could be further options - but not necessary. 
For now, I'd like to fix my first outline.

Thank you for your advices,

P.S.: Am I right that there are some problems with MSI mainboards and 
some NVDIA graphic cards?

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