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Re: Needs for auto-generation of dhcpd.conf?

Am Mittwoch, den 14. Juli hub Ralf Gesellen'setter folgendes in die Tasten:

> 3 times: yes! This had been discussed at user[at]skolelinux-de, and I'd 
> beg you to comment the thread there as well :)

> 1) WS and TS get names that correspondent with their IPs. Those have to 
> be inserted in netgroups. They mustn't change further on, so they have 
> to be fixed!

*But* if you run a script several times, the semi fixed IP addresses
might change between two hosts => boom.
It is  a good idea to use fixed IPs, set via the MAC address, *but* that
*has* *to* *be* static, so no script can do that, or only with a high
level of complexity.

> 2) I like to know what TC stands where - if there is an attack or 
> whatever, I'l know, client XY is the one over there!

Then used fixed MAC -> IP bindings. :)

I do not see the chance, handle that via any kind of automatism.

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