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Re: Needs for auto-generation of dhcpd.conf?

Am Dienstag, den 13. Juli hub Finn-Arne Johansen folgendes in die Tasten:

> > Anyway, there was a suggestion to have a script that uses dhcp.leases 
> > (say after all thin clients have started once) to save the 
> > administrator at install time typing N MAC-Addresses into dhcp.conf.
> Anoying , isn't it. Well you dont have to use dhcp.leases, you may use
> arp , or another tool. 

Do you see *any* sense in doing something like that?
I don't think, that it is usefull to put all MACs got via arp or
smbstatus/nfsstatus, whatever into the dhcpd.conf neither on tjener,
nor on a TS.
I would vote for building an own tool, to administer maschines.
I will start a new thread for that theses days.

So, would anyone here see any situation, where it might be usefull,
to put all knows MACs into the dhcpd-configuration?

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