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Re: Needs for auto-generation of dhcpd.conf?

On Wednesday 14 July 2004 17:22, Ralf Gesellen'setter wrote:
> On Wednesday 14 July 2004 14:41, Maximilian Wilhelm wrote:
> > So, would anyone here see any situation, where it might be usefull,
> > to put all knows MACs into the dhcpd-configuration?
> 3 times: yes! This had been discussed at user[at]skolelinux-de, and I'd
> beg you to comment the thread there as well :)
> 1) WS and TS get names that correspondent with their IPs. Those have to
> be inserted in netgroups. They mustn't change further on, so they have
> to be fixed!
> 2) I like to know what TC stands where - if there is an attack or
> whatever, I'l know, client XY is the one over there!
And there is a point of securing a network.

Using registered MAC addresses will be a way to prevent unallowed network 
access by laptops and other unauthorised computers.

I'm just discussing this with a guy who knows the legal situation here in 
lower saxony better than I do. He's resposible for a couple of Schools in my 
region and is working in the computer ceter at our University here. 

He also told me that there is a must to do so in lower saxony, what he didn't 
proof yet. So Im waiting what he will tell me next week.


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