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Re: SkoleLinux CDs

[David Turner]
> I understand that it's not feasible to include source code on CD
> with the magazine, due to space and cost considerations.

Another challenge is the fact that the debian-cd scripts we use to
make the CDs are unable to make source CDs with the packages we
include on our CD.  It spread these packages across all the source CDs
build, and the source CDs built include all the source for all the
Debian packages in the Woody debian archive.  So the sources would be
spread across 8 source CDs.  At least I believe it is so.  I haven't

There has been some discussion on debian-cd@lists.debian.org about
changing this behaviour, to make it easier to build binary/source CD
pairs, but it isn't done yet.  It is probably a good idea to make it

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