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Re: SkoleLinux CDs

tir, 13.07.2004 kl. 03.21 skrev David Turner:

First I will thank You for helping us with this issue. It is wery
important for us to be "truly GPL". 

> I spoke to Herman Robek of SkoleLinux a few days ago at LSM2004 about
> SkoleLinux CDs.  He put me in touch with some SkoleLinux developers, who
> told me to write to this address.  I'm not subscribed, so please CC me
> on replies.
> Apparently, SkoleLinux occasionally works with magazines to publish CDs
> of SkoleLinux.  This is a good idea, since it helps Free Software spread
> further and faster.  However, I'm concerned about the availability of
> source code in these distributions.  
> I understand that it's not feasible to include source code on CD with
> the magazine, due to space and cost considerations.  In this case, you
> need to have a written offer for source code included on the CDs (or in
> the magazine).  I've written a sample offer, which you can use:
>  "Anyone can get the full source code for this package at [url], or by
> sending a request including a mailing address and $[actual cost of
> copying] to [snail-mail and/or email address]. This offer expires
> [date]."

Thank you for your offer. We will use it in the future so anyone can get
the sourcecode if they need/want it.

> (where date is at least 3 years in the future).
> Probably, very few people will take you up on this offer.  But it's
> important to have it anyway to comply with the GPL (section 3(b)).

It is most important to offer the sourcecode, in a easy to get way,
secondary we will have to worry about costs with sending sourcecode-CD's
to anyone wanting it. If this is turning out to be a huge cost for us we
will have to think about how to solve the economic side of this. But for
a start we will send it for free. I think most people will  be more than
happy with an URL.

> Thanks.
> -- 
> -Dave Turner
> GPL Compliance Engineer
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