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SkoleLinux CDs

I spoke to Herman Robek of SkoleLinux a few days ago at LSM2004 about
SkoleLinux CDs.  He put me in touch with some SkoleLinux developers, who
told me to write to this address.  I'm not subscribed, so please CC me
on replies.

Apparently, SkoleLinux occasionally works with magazines to publish CDs
of SkoleLinux.  This is a good idea, since it helps Free Software spread
further and faster.  However, I'm concerned about the availability of
source code in these distributions.  

I understand that it's not feasible to include source code on CD with
the magazine, due to space and cost considerations.  In this case, you
need to have a written offer for source code included on the CDs (or in
the magazine).  I've written a sample offer, which you can use:

 "Anyone can get the full source code for this package at [url], or by
sending a request including a mailing address and $[actual cost of
copying] to [snail-mail and/or email address]. This offer expires

(where date is at least 3 years in the future).

Probably, very few people will take you up on this offer.  But it's
important to have it anyway to comply with the GPL (section 3(b)).


-Dave Turner
GPL Compliance Engineer
Support my work: http://svcs.affero.net/rm.php?r=novalis&p=FSF

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