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Re: non-free?

* Hilaire Fernandes (cddp40.tice@ac-bordeaux.fr) [040324 16:30]:
> I will expect the bare-bone Debian-Edu to be 100% free software.
> Non-free package coulds be managed separatly as it is with non-free
> under Debian. Therefore this means the binary cd should be shipped with
> only free software.
> Is it something acceptable for all of us?

my goal is a *free* debian-edu, without non-free software.

however, note that *i* and some other debian developers working
on the project voted to keep non-free around in the recent GR
(not for love for non-free, but because removing it would hurt
debian as a whole). (check the voting overview for details.)

as soon as free replacements are available we could drop the
non-free stuff. even opera. (c:

we should keep the priorities straight, though: 

debian-edu NEEDS more features, urgently, (to be provided by free
software), to become a great, usable, free product for schools.

As we go we can strive to reach each of those goals (great, usable,
free) gradually, without hurting and setting back the others.

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