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Re: non-free?

	As a good step to find free alternative for 
each non-free packages used in skolelinux, we first
need to make a list of non-free packages currently 
there in skolelinux. (Eventhough I belive, if no free
alternative is available, not to use that....). 
You people has already clearly documented why
each package is included (Really a nice job!).
So if we can list the non-free software, the
"freedom enthusiasts" can work to find/make
free alternative for each of them.

 Finding free alteranative for Java wont be an
easy Job. Now regarding flash, Why cant we avoild
flash support?. Regarding Opera, I still wonder 
why it is included when there are enough and more
"best quality" browsers available as free software!

On Mon, 2004-03-22 at 03:43, David Palmer wrote:
> Herman Robak wrote:
> > Wasn't Blender released under the GPL more than a year ago? 
> > <http://www.blender3d.org/Community/?sub=OpenSource>
> > 
> Well, that's good.
> I'm not that familiar with graphics, and just grabbed those two as examples.
> My bad.
> But you see my point, I think.
> There are a lot of very good non-free applications out there, and we are
> going to feel their absence for some time.
> Projects such as http://www.kaffe.org/
> stil have a way to go before they establish themselves as
> comprehensively viable replacements, and they are amongst the front runners.
> IBM and ESR are currently talking to Sun concerning making Java open
> source, but there is nothing established as yet.
> Regards,
> David.
"Freedom Matters"
Sajith VK

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