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Introduction / Free Educational Software

Dear List,

having subscribed to this list only yesterday, I feel like I should 
introduce myself - at least roughly:

Teaching computer sciences ("Informatik") at a comprehensive school 
("Gesamtschule") in Westphalia, Germany, I am deeply interested in 
promoting the usage of Linux in gerneral and especially at schools. 
Luckywise (?) I am also in charge of administrating our network (50+ 
machines) and projecting our further expenses. 

Having local access to a circle of people who localize and adapt the 
Norwegian skolelinux solution into German, this is my current focus. 
Besides the idea of continous updates with debian, the idea of a 
terminal server solution with thin clients is what I like most with 
this project: Administration-free clients, cheap and silent, and the 
possibility of sustainable usage of - in terms of redmond - out dated 
computers is what convinced me.

On the other hand, I am not only teaching comuter sciences, but also 
math and social sciences (virtually geography). Hence, I lack the time 
to get as much into developing source code my self (alas); instead I 
started to evaluate existing free educational software (for now minor 
German comments only) and propose the inclusion of one or another 
package into debian-edu / skolelinux.

To make a starting point towars this direction within this group, I like 
to vote vor the R-Crane project, which addresses basically high school 
level: As far I can tell, this is a SAS like statistical software under 

As for skoleknoppix, which I reviewed briefly in German, I'd plea for 
re-introducing educational games such as KAtomic or Sokoban, maybe even 
Enigma (formerly known as Esprit/Oxyd).

Okay, I wouldn't mind if this posting induces a new thread about 
educational software :) For now, I wish to thank everybody being 
engaged in developing educational software!


P.S.: Two more remarks: I could imagine to do minor (=short) 
translations into German (worst case back into English) or, at least, 
reading translations over (sometimes translations fail at technical 
terms, e.g. with audio software which is a personal interest of mine). 
Second, I am one of those who hope that Java will be free one day, so 
cross platform software for schools can be integrated into GPL 
distributions (e.g. javakara).

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