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Re: Too many default groups in Skolelinux' LDAP schema?

Herman Robak wrote:
On Thu, 2004-03-18 at 18:33, Markus Schabel wrote:

Ragnar Wisloff wrote:

There's been an entertaining discussion about this :-)

Let me just make the comment that too many groups will create real problems, no matter what the naming scheme is. Since NFS will honour no more than 16 groups, users logging in to a thin client server (which mounts the home dirs etc. using NFS) will risk not being able to use common file storage set aside for a specific group. We have diagnosed this problem at one school at least, where one of the teachers was a member of 28 groups.

But that problem maybe solve via another solution. NFS is good for
internal thin-clients, but even for server-server-filesharing I think
there are better solutions (e.g. coda).

 I think you are right.  Coda setup is considered too much fuss, though.
I'm sure a Coda solution would be well received if somebody would make
it, test it and maintain it.  If it proved to be stable, fast enough,
and would work out of the box, that is.
 Could it be done?  Does anybody want to do it?

I think we'll be playing around with it a bit. But at the moment we've a
lot of work with our communication platform.

btw: maybe this could be of interest for you, we're currenty developing
a webinterface for various things like calenders (sharing via ical
possible), access to filesystem (with the possibility to share
directories with other people/groups and access all of them - the own
and the shared - over WebDAV, NFS and Samba), and the rest of the
typical things (forum, news, mail, project management, ..). The whole
thing uses LDAP as user database (but it is also possible to use sql).
Maybe it would be interesting to have something like that in skolelinux?

best regards, Markus
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