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Re: Too many default groups in Skolelinux' LDAP schema?

* Martin WHEELER (mwheeler@startext.co.uk) [040313 15:21]:
> On Sat, 13 Mar 2004, Herman Robak wrote:
> >  Recently, some other groups have entered the schema:
> > "juadmin" and "genagegp".  Those are neither obvious
> > nor self-explanatory.  Not to Norwegian teachers,
> > anyway.
> Nor indeed to native speakers (like myself).
> I haven't the foggiest what they refer to; and find them ugly and
> difficult to memorise.
> Frankly, I doubt that I would ever use them.
> If not generally necessary, get rid of them.

unfortunatly we are limited to 8 chars per group/login name and
that leads to these kind of acronyms.

juadmin stands for junior admin, who (in contrast to the senior
admin) is not intended to be allmighty, but only should have
received the "change-students-passwords" superpower.

this (and the whole ACL project) came to a grinding halt because
our present ldap structure does not allow for this kind of ACLs
and it was too late in the development cycle to make really
drastic changes to the tree layout. As a result we have
everything in place to configure ACLs, but there are no really
usefull value-adding ACLs we can have (to my knowledge).

genagegp stands for generic age-group. this age group is intended
as a "one fit all" age group for small schools who dont want to
bother the administrativ overhead to administrate their users and
classes in differnt age groups. Those become rapidly usefull when
admins and/or teachers get headaches from scrolling through
enormous lists of classes and pupils, while they only wanted to
pick students from *one* unique age-group to e.g. join a new
project or add a student to one of the 573 different classes
available at the school, of which only 31 are fitting that
students age group. Age groups are therefor an administrativ help
for easier and faster student/class handling, and the generic age
group is there as both a dummy and a fallback.

with WLS you can delete them, with WLUS you should not, or things
stop working as expected.

regarding "self-explanatory" of the name i felt just as Herman
and for that reason entered a more verbose group description in
the Description field of their entries. 


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