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Re: Too many default groups in Skolelinux' LDAP schema?

Andreas Schuldei wrote:
* Martin WHEELER (mwheeler@startext.co.uk) [040313 15:21]:
On Sat, 13 Mar 2004, Herman Robak wrote:
 Recently, some other groups have entered the schema:
"juadmin" and "genagegp".  Those are neither obvious
nor self-explanatory.  Not to Norwegian teachers,

Nor indeed to native speakers (like myself).
I haven't the foggiest what they refer to; and find them ugly and
difficult to memorise.

Frankly, I doubt that I would ever use them.
If not generally necessary, get rid of them.

unfortunatly we are limited to 8 chars per group/login name and
that leads to these kind of acronyms.

Sorry, I don't see why this is needed nowadays. We're running here
an LDAP directory with about 2700 students and 300 teachers and about
300 other people, all follow the naming scheme "firstname.lastname"
(we have some people whose logins are longer than 40 characters and
this works without problems [ok, we _have_ problems with uid's that
are longer than 20 charaters and try to login on a windoze domain]).
All these people are grouped in __a lot__ of groups, we have 8
departments, each has 10-30 classes and the LDAP-groups that contain
the users are placed in the hierarchical entry of this department and
are named like "students.<classname>" or "teachers.<classname>" so we
have here group-names that are somewhere about 15 characters long, and
we still have no problems with that.

We're using our LDAP for nearly all: mail (authenticated smtp, pop3s,
imaps), ftp, ssh, http-auth, samba and our elearning-system.
Additionally we store our dhcp configuration in LDAP.


best regards, Markus
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