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Re: Too many default groups in Skolelinux' LDAP schema?

Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:
[Markus Schabel]

Sorry, I don't see why this is needed nowadays.

It is needed to be compatible with POSIX, and we do want Debian Edu to
be compatible with POSIX.

The limit in the number of characters in a user name is given by
for the current value.  I am pretty sure file group have the same
limitation, but was unable to find it when I had a brief look for it.

Ok, I see. Never looked deep into POSIX, and in debian I have no
problems with these long names. I think this comes from:
/usr/include/bits/local_lim.h:#define LOGIN_NAME_MAX         256

If you limit the login-names to 8 characters you may have some problems
with the generation of rememberable logins (sure, at the university you
get a number that is 7 characters long [at least in austria], but that
are students and not "normal users").
We have the problem that users cannot remeber their logins (please don't
ask about the passwords ;)), the students are the smaller problem, we
have a lot of __teachers__ that have problems with remebering their uids
(I never believed that till I've seen it - and I've seen it far to often
before we decided to use firstname.lastname)

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