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Re: Too many default groups in Skolelinux' LDAP schema?

* Ragnar Wisloff (ragnar@skolelinux.no) [040317 10:34]:
> There's been an entertaining discussion about this :-)
> Let me just make the comment that too many groups will create real 
> problems, no matter what the naming scheme is. Since NFS will honour no 
> more than 16 groups, users logging in to a thin client server (which 
> mounts the home dirs etc. using NFS) will risk not being able to use 
> common file storage set aside for a specific group. We have diagnosed 
> this problem at one school at least, where one of the teachers was a 
> member of 28 groups.

yes, that is a protocol problem. it is still there in nfs v3.
perhaps it is lifted in v4, but we would not want to use that
since it is still bleeding edge.

there were patches since 1999 to change this but they would have
broken the protocoll. i suggest we use them. 

just kidding. btw: smbfs does not suffer from *that* restiction. 

ironically enough, the groups that i introduced can *help* to
avoid that limit, since they dont necessarily need to be
posix-groups. we can use posix groups if file-sharing is
necessary and others to do organisational and structural

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