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Re: [Morphix-devel] Re: [Devel] We do need a "mascot"

Kermit Jones wrote:

I thought the goal here was to look globally and not just locally. Why not have one Education base LiveCD and simply localize as needed? That was why I had brought up Morphix. Localization is fairly trivial. At most, you could simply make a mini-mod for each region you want to support. The hope for the future is to have additional modules on a second cd

or in the web.

for loading and expansion.

You could indicate how in http://am.xs4all.nl/phpwiki/index.php/LanguageSupport and http://am.xs4all.nl/phpwiki/index.php/MorphixToDo

That allows everyone to contribute to making a great "Distro" and then allowing them to quickly modify for "Insert-your-region-stuff-here."

This coud be a Debian ( or even better, a Common Linux ) script/file, so the desktop users can use a common reference to change locales. Using a GUI fronted ( i.e. a web based, like CUPS ) would be an easy way to change the locales.

Think of how much faster that would allow collaboration and improvements overall. One region, unlimited mini-mods for each region.

Better a mini-mod to dowload mini-mods for a concrete region. I.e. a mini-mod where the user could select a flag to install the locales for his/her language/country.


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