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Re: [Devel] We do need a "mascot"

On Mon, 2004-02-23 at 23:18, Kermit Jones wrote:
> I'm not trying to be rude or offensive or anything, and I'm all for 
> heritage, but it seems that tux is a bit more universal.  I love eating 
> a kobold as much as the next @, even if it is somtimes poisioned and 
> makes me sit.  But Tux is tux.  Unique mascots are great, but Add a grad 
> cap, blackboard in the background, teacher's pointer stick and sit him 
> on a book and you have a Tux that says "Linux" and props that say 
> "Education." 

 It's the trivial choice, and would be recognised globally.

> A Kobold doesn't mean much to people outside of Europe.  
> Not many will "get it." 

 ...outside Europe.  But Europe is where Skolelinux arose,
and that heritage will most likely show off.  Localisation
was Skolelinux' primary reason to exist.  A "global" image
may be a little hard to localise properly.

>  Now don't get me wrong, I think Skole is great.  I'm even considering
> registering www.SchoolLinux.org for American complimentary site for
> the sake of unification and the similar goals. 

 So far, "Skolelinux" has worked nicely because the spelling
is recognisable.  Some think we should leave it at that, and
make it a trademark with logo and all.  Keeping _one_ spelling
would make it clear that it is _one_ project.

 On the other hand, with reasonably flexible logo design,
localising the name and logo should be doable.  The Finns
have translated it.

>  But I'm also trying to look way down the road.  Take this to the
> world, so to speak.  "Teacher Tux" just seems a bit better. 

 For global recognition, yes.  But maybe we're better served
having well accepted regional mascots.  The mascots may need
som l10n, too.

 Herman Robak

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