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Re: [Devel] We do need a "mascot"

I don't like any of the logos mentioned earlier. This is supposed to be
an educational project.  Somehow those images look hostile to me.

I'll say I am biased upfront, use something more like the logo we use on
our educational site.  We call him Chaz the Wizard. see
It does look much better with the black background as displayed top
right on http://starryskies.com/.

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On Mon, 2004-02-23 at 16:01, Georges Khaznadar wrote:
> Thomas Templin a écrit :
> > > > > http://haef.szm.sk/thing/skolelinux/skole_sketch.jpg
> > >
> > What about the Idea for a logo which follows the "Dynamic Duo" 
> > http://www.gnu.org/graphics/gnu-and-penguin-color-300x276.jpg
> > lets have a Dynamic Trio. GNU, Skole-elfin, and a Tux. At least a Duo, GNU and 
> > the elfin. 
> Merging two images ...
> http://developer.ofset.org/cps/Groups/communiques_de_press/slx_mascot
> regards,			Georges.

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