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Re: [Devel] We do need a "mascot"

On Monday 23 February 2004 04:18 pm, Kermit Jones wrote:
> A Kobold doesn't mean much to people outside of Europe.  Not many will 
> "get it." 

Well, I'm American, and I have no idea what a "kobold" is.  But this guy
looks sort of like an elf/gnome/fairy creature of some kind, and is
exceptionally cute.  He makes me think of fairytales, reading, and
therefore education.

And I'm sick of Tux, actually.  I'm not saying he's bad, it's just that I think
the free software pantheon needs some more original mascots hanging
about.  I've done a few Tux variants myself, but I always feel it's 
inferior to coming up with something more original.

> Thomas Templin wrote:
> >On Monday 23 February 2004 22:50, Chuck Peters wrote:
> >>I don't like any of the logos mentioned earlier. This is supposed to be
> >>an educational project. 
> >>Somehow those images look hostile to me. 
> >>
> >Really?
> >For me it's a friendly smiling Kobold. :o)

Yep.  I'd say he's very friendly.  I don't like the superhero Gnu/Tux though
(for this, I mean) and I think the "hostile" description kind of fits those.

> >So what if we will drop his horns and give him a elfin cap. The small version 
> >of what Robin Hood and his men where wearing.

Do you really want the cap changed? Or is the little "Viking Cap" okay
as is?  My biggest problem with it is that it competes with the ears, one
or the other needs to be de-emphasized.  Maybe just losing the horns
and otherwise leaving the cap alone would work?

I'd be happy to clean this up to logo quality in Sketch ("Skencil" now,
a 2D vector graphics program), if you all would like.  Looks like fun.


Terry Hancock ( hancock at anansispaceworks.com )
Anansi Spaceworks  http://www.anansispaceworks.com

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