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Re: pr46: reboot after install necessary

> If you need more than the reboot from CD and the one reboot from HD,
> there is a bug in Debian-Edu which need to be addressed.
> If you can find out why the second reboot from HD was required, please
> let us know. :)

This is what I found after installing main-server and workstation on a
laptop for testing so far:

Non-root users could not log in at kdm, the X-logfile said it could not open
APM. /proc/apm was indeed not even there after the first hd boot, so putting
the laptop into stand-by did not work either.

After a reboot however /proc/apm was available, and logins and stand-by worked.

It was reproducable on the same machine, I'd be happy to do some more testing
if you have any suggestions.

BTW I tried PCMCIA support (but not before reboot) and it recognized the 3com
card just fine :)


> BTW: Your mail client seem unable to handle replies correctly.

Yes, this providers webmail interface is absolutely flawed. It's not only the
repies it does not handle... but unfortunately SMTP won't work through the

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