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Re: [Devel] We do need a "mascot"

I thought the goal here was to look globally and not just locally. Why not have one Education base LiveCD and simply localize as needed? That was why I had brought up Morphix. Localization is fairly trivial. At most, you could simply make a mini-mod for each region you want to support. The hope for the future is to have additional modules on a second cd for loading and expansion.

That allows everyone to contribute to making a great "Distro" and then allowing them to quickly modify for "Insert-your-region-stuff-here." Think of how much faster that would allow collaboration and improvements overall. One region, unlimited mini-mods for each region. Everyone benefits faster and more efficiently.

Back to the topic, you say Teacher Tux is the "trivial choice" and I can't tell if that is meant to be a good or bad comment. I thought the point here was to try and make this "trivial" for the masses... easily seen, easily understood, easily used, easily installed, etc. I would think we would want a simple, "trivial" mascot that goes beyond one place or region.

Perhaps a Teacher Tux for a base educational linux distro (I've thought of contacting the EduLinux.org owners) and then the Kobold could easily be adapted as a regional mascot through the localisation.

Like I said, I'm not trying to upset anyone, and I realize I'm a new-comer to this group, but I'm trying to look at this from a worldwide marketing strategy/position.
Herman Robak wrote:

On Mon, 2004-02-23 at 23:18, Kermit Jones wrote:
I'm not trying to be rude or offensive or anything, and I'm all for heritage, but it seems that tux is a bit more universal. I love eating a kobold as much as the next @, even if it is somtimes poisioned and makes me sit. But Tux is tux. Unique mascots are great, but Add a grad cap, blackboard in the background, teacher's pointer stick and sit him on a book and you have a Tux that says "Linux" and props that say "Education."

It's the trivial choice, and would be recognised globally.

A Kobold doesn't mean much to people outside of Europe. Not many will "get it."

...outside Europe.  But Europe is where Skolelinux arose,
and that heritage will most likely show off.  Localisation
was Skolelinux' primary reason to exist.  A "global" image
may be a little hard to localise properly.

Now don't get me wrong, I think Skole is great.  I'm even considering
registering www.SchoolLinux.org for American complimentary site for
the sake of unification and the similar goals.

So far, "Skolelinux" has worked nicely because the spelling
is recognisable.  Some think we should leave it at that, and
make it a trademark with logo and all.  Keeping _one_ spelling
would make it clear that it is _one_ project.

On the other hand, with reasonably flexible logo design,
localising the name and logo should be doable.  The Finns
have translated it.

But I'm also trying to look way down the road.  Take this to the
world, so to speak. "Teacher Tux" just seems a bit better.

For global recognition, yes.  But maybe we're better served
having well accepted regional mascots.  The mascots may need
som l10n, too.

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