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Re: Unterschiede PXE, EtherBoot does "PXE"

On Sat, Feb 05, 2005 at 10:01:31AM +0100, Andreas Schockenhoff wrote:
> Etherboot die neuste Version macht auch PXE

Indeed recent versions of EtherBoot do "PXE".

<rant about="PXE" remark="the story continues :-)">
 But PXE, Pre eXecution Environment, is a sick marketing joke. Where
 enviroment means mixing BIOS code with a (properity) network protocol.

 You don't want tricky BIOS code, you want to do a network boot.

H. Peter Anvin, the author of the bootloaders SYSLINUX and ISOLINUX,
wrote also PXELINUX. It does load and start a Linux kernel. It is the
stage between "PXE systems" and the kernel. Recent EtherBoot version do
support PXELINUX, the bootloader, without tricky BIOS code.

> (Leider funktioniert dann 
> die Automatische PXE oder Etherboot Erkennung nicht mehr).

That has nothing to do with EtherBoot, it is in dhcpd.conf on tjener.

Geert Stappers

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