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Re: [Debian-NYC] Thoughts on Eventbrite.

Brian Gupta wrote:
> At the end of the day my email is asking for alternative to
> Eventbrite, not defending it.
> There is a varied spectrum of people on the "Social networking is
> Evil" spectrum. And the reasons people give have different various
> feelings as well. Some people view the whole concept an invasion of
> privacy while others are opposed to commercialism of the sites
> themselves, yet others feel that large companies can't be trusted. For
> example some people think identi.ca/status.net is ok, others think
> even that is too much. My apologies if it came off wrong. The "I know"
> comment was my awkward attempt to prevent an arguement.
> I'm asking this list, because I was hoping that this group of any,
> might have had the motivation to find a Free Software alternative to
> Eventbrite. (Ideally packaged in Debian, but source installs aren't a
> show-stopper).

As you've mentioned, objections to RSVP lists are pretty varied, and
usually there's some specific thing that people object to.  But in other
contexts, they don't object.  For instance if you were holding an event
at your apartment, some people who might object to an RSVP list for a
user group might not object to that.

So with that in mind, this is basically the problem we're hoping to
tackle with the re-write of the NYLUG RSVP system.  We're working with
some other FLOSS people about producing both a standalone app and some
kind of plugin for the "New NYLUG Site".   We're trying to share events
and announcements between our groups, as well as a related project to
share job and situation wanted postings.

- Ron
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