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Re: [Debian-NYC] Thoughts on Eventbrite.

On Fri, 18 Feb 2011, Brian Gupta <brian.gupta@brandorr.com> wrote:

On Fri, Feb 18, 2011 at 12:25 PM, Daniel Kahn Gillmor
<dkg@fifthhorseman.net> wrote:
On 02/18/2011 01:21 AM, Brian Gupta wrote:
it glues to all the social network things for people
that use them as well as google maps. (I know, I know)

Thereby feeding the centralized/corporate surveillance+advertising
apparatus and encouraging people to participate in it further.

Which is to say, "i know, i know" suggests that you already understand
how some people on this list feel about enabling/encouraging the
dominant surveillance+advertising culture.  I will not be signing up for
anything through eventbrite.

I will be happy to participate in a squeeze installfest, though.


OK so my question was what is the alternative for collecting RSVP,
other than a hand-rolled app. I feel that use of the social networking
stuff can be optional in a Free Software app, and if it's hosted by a
trusted non-corporate party (e.g. - a member of a user group) the
trust issue shouldn't be there. (Or at least lessened)

I understand that some people are opposed to RSVP lists for privacy
reasons, but the reality is we live in a post 2001 New York and many
groups meet in buildings that have rigid security policies, that
require a list of names for the front desk security. Currently the two
major options appear to be Meetup.com and Eventbrite. Eventbrite seems
less invasive of the two, but still clearly is suboptimal.

At the end of the day my email is asking for alternative to
Eventbrite, not defending it.

Perhaps an email to the organizer/organizing committee, in enough
time for the organizer/organizing committee to tell
the Building Guards.


There is a varied spectrum of people on the "Social networking is
Evil" spectrum. And the reasons people give have different various
feelings as well. Some people view the whole concept an invasion of
privacy while others are opposed to commercialism of the sites
themselves, yet others feel that large companies can't be trusted. For
example some people think identi.ca/status.net is ok, others think
even that is too much. My apologies if it came off wrong. The "I know"
comment was my awkward attempt to prevent an arguement.

I'm asking this list, because I was hoping that this group of any,
might have had the motivation to find a Free Software alternative to
Eventbrite. (Ideally packaged in Debian, but source installs aren't a

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