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Re: Welcome Rahul (was Re: New debian package maintainers - Sudeesh and Sagar)

Jonas Smedegaard <dr@jones.dk> writes:

> Thanks for elaborating.
> Regarding our community being difficult for newbies, I believe it is the 
> wrong approach to protect newbies from us: Let's improve by working 
> together most possible (i.e. not only lists and wiki, but realtime chat 
> too!).

I fully agree with you. When entire Debian community is IRC based, all
development and mentoring effort happens in IRC, why hide it for

After all if they want to communicate with wider Debian community in
real time they should know IRC.

> Regarding our choice of tools being "elitist", I believe the proper 
> solution to that is to bridge, not fork!

Very true.

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