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Re: Welcome Rahul (was Re: New debian package maintainers - Sudeesh and Sagar)

On Thursday 11 February 2016 08:12 PM, Jonas Smedegaard wrote:
>> As for IRC vs XMPP, mobile support for IRC can't match that of XMPP.
> True, but technical features are far less important than community.
>> You cannot force people to use a computer all the time.
> I am not forcing anyone to do anything here, only encouraging - 
> insistingly - to join existing community, not fork a new one.

And by that you are excluding the new people that want to join by
raising the bar higher (I think IRC has a higher barrier to entry than
XMPP on mobile for folks who are familiar with WhatsApp adn Telegram groups)

>> We want to use and promote it for everyday use and being online on 
>> Debian India via XMPP is much more easier than adding another layer of 
>> IRC.
> You confuse matters here: It is *not* easier to setup decentralized XMPP 
> servers - I believe your current MUC runs on a single host which is 
> *less* decentralized than the "bad" irc.

We can move servers around easily, if required, and client accounts are

> True, offline-buffering can be offered server-side for XMPP and not for 
> irc - which brings a slight benefit, but with that big loss of needing 
> the community to shift over.

It gives a familiar environment to newbies used to WhatsApp and Telegram
kind of groups (though we will need to polish xmpp muc).

>> Most of the discussions are mentoring newbies and those are already 
>> documented.
> So discussions like "how to best setup an APT proxy?" and "how to build 
> in clean environment?" are fine to discuss in a vacuum?  Please 
> elaborate!

They do have to join the mailing lists and they are directed to debian
wiki and documentation.

I don't think the newbies will be stuck on XMPP forever, they will have
to interact with the community anyway and they will learn to use
whatever tools required once they grow up in the community.

But insisting on IRC when a better medium exist is in my opinion
elitist. We don't care for you, if you don't use our tools is not a good
thing to say to newbies.

We are always a difficult community for newbies to join and our efforts
are only to make that easier. If we do realize the cons outweigh the
pros, we'll consider abandoning it.

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