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Re: "We have IRC" != "We should not have XMPP" (was Re: Welcome Rahul)

On വ്യാഴം 11 ഫെബ്രുവരി 2016 08:12 വൈകു, Jonas Smedegaard wrote:
> True, but technical features are far less important than community.

Very true. I am in full support of that argument. Community members
(which includes not only the existing members, but those who are new
comers also) should be able to use whatever medium or technology that is
suitable for them to interact. Yes, there exists an IRC channel. But
that shouldn't mean there can't be an XMPP group. If that was the
concept, the IRC channel shouldn't exist when we already have a mailing

Since community is more important than technology, it *should not*
matter which technology is used. The aim is to get the community get
better. If IRC helps us in it, we use that. If XMPP does it, we use it.
It is as simple as that.

AFAIK, the mailing list is the basic and foundational communication
medium of the community - it is archived, it is transparent, it is
public etc etc. Any other channel, whether it be IRC or XMPP acts as
easier interfaces to approach the community. They don't replace the
existing ones, they work in support of the existing ones.

> So discussions like "how to best setup an APT proxy?" 

Since I was directly involved in the mentioned discussion, let me reply.
The discussion about APT proxy was not "how to best setup", but simply
an inquiry about your existing setup and the space it needed. It was
very basic information that I needed so as to dig more myself (which I
believe was literally my reply). So yes, that discussion wasn't rocket
science and I feel it can be assumed fine to be discussed in the XMPP
group. If I wanted to know more about that, I know (just like all the
new members of the community) that there exists mailing lists and IRC
channels which can be approached for detailed and extensive help. XMPP
was easier for me at that time, so I used that.

So, I understand your concern but I am strongly against the accusation
of "forking the community" when the actual aim was to expand the community.

End of discussion from me. Happy Hacking. :)

Balasankar C

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