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Re: "We have IRC" != "We should not have XMPP" (was Re: Welcome Rahul)

Quoting Balasankar C (2016-02-11 16:10:44)
> On വ്യാഴം 11 ഫെബ്രുവരി 2016 08:12 വൈകു, Jonas Smedegaard wrote:
> > True, but technical features are far less important than community.
> Very true. I am in full support of that argument. Community members
> (which includes not only the existing members, but those who are new
> comers also) should be able to use whatever medium or technology that is
> suitable for them to interact.

So *extend* our current realtime communication on IRC by *bridging* to 
XMPP, instead of forking by means of an unconnected realtime 
communication platform!

> Since community is more important than technology, it *should not*
> matter which technology is used.

Indeed.  But by introducing yet another protocol sloppily, it *does* 
matter, which is bad implementation!

> AFAIK, the mailing list is the basic and foundational communication 
> medium of the community

Our community has multiple forms of communication. Debconf for physical 
meetings, mailinglists for delayed textual communication, and IRC for 
realtime textual communication.

I confused matters myself by discussing mailinglist and realtime chat 
together.  I was wrong then, and IMO you are wrong now in dismissing the 
importance of IRC by mixing the different *kinds* of communication: My 
criticism is on introducing an additional system for *same* kind of 
communication as is already well established in our community - and then 
marketing it as a better alternative rather than just an experiment - 
until properly sync'ed with or migrated away from the established one.

>> So discussions like "how to best setup an APT proxy?" 
> It was very basic information that I needed so as to dig more myself 
> (which I believe was literally my reply). So yes, that discussion 
> wasn't rocket science and I feel it can be assumed fine to be 
> discussed in the XMPP group.

Fine for *you* that it was discussed where you happened to hang out.

You knew to ask me to elaborate because you'd heard vague hints about 
the topic (either from me or from others) already.  I would want more 
(exisitng and newcomers) to hear more vague hints about topics like that 
- by hanging out *together*!!!

> So, I understand your concern but I am strongly against the accusation 
> of "forking the community" when the actual aim was to expand the 
> community.

I urge you to strongly consider explansion through inclusion, rther than 
expansion through division!

I have now unsubscribed from the forked community, to avoid other 
experiencing similar "benefits" of the kind you just describe here.

 - Jonas

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