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Re: irc meeting summary

Quoting ബാലശങ്കർ സി (2014-08-07 08:36:49)
> > To avoid bloat use specific-purpose javascript - avoid jQuery!
> Done.


> 2. Date should be in the format dd-mm-yyyy

I suggest to use ISO format: yyyy-mm-dd.

> 4. Organization and City can be left blank

I suggest to either mention (optional) at those, or oppositely mention 
"* is required" and mark with a (red?) star non-optional fields.

> Check the site again and suggest more validation schemes if needed.

I suggest to add label at the left of each field, and sample text (not 
label or description as now) as placeholder text.  When I had started 
typing the second date I got confused which field was which, and needed 
to delete my entry to see what was the purpose of the field - not good.

What is small/medium/large? Size of my belly? Appetite? Ego? :-)

 - Jonas

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