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Re: irc meeting summary

[posting only to list - again hoping that works well]

Quoting ബാലശങ്കർ സി (2014-08-06 08:43:39)
>> I filled numerals at each stage hoping that field validation would be 
>> there and it would say to me locally that I'm doing something wrong 
>> (before submission) but didn't get it.
> That requires Javascript and there was a discussion earlier whether to 
> fully depend on JS as there are people who don't prefer JS to be used.

If the prior discussion you are referring to is the one with me, then I 
quite appreciate Javascript-based validation, as long as it is optional.

The Perl CGI script I shared uses CGI::FormBuilder, a library which 
takes care of both client- and server-side validation.

> IMO, since the textbox values are retained on error, I think we can 
> live without JS validation. I would be happy to implement that also, 
> but it may be unwanted burden on the page load.

To avoid bloat use specific-purpose javascript - avoid jQuery!

Here is a datepicker: https://code.google.com/p/datepickr/

Look at source of http://blanket.oroenyt.biks.dk/tilmeld for validation 
code (but please do *not* play with that form, it's in live use - tell 
me if interested in a demo, then I can setup a different form).

 - Jonas

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