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Re: irc meeting summary

> To avoid bloat use specific-purpose javascript - avoid jQuery!


> Here is a datepicker: https://code.google.com/p/datepickr/

I implemented this.

> Look at source of http://blanket.oroenyt.biks.dk/tilmeld for validation 
> code (but please do *not* play with that form, it's in live use - tell 
> me if interested in a demo, then I can setup a different form).

I will try to implement client side validation tonight. I have added some server side validations for fields like name, email, organization, city and dates.
1. Delegate's name, Organization's name, City's name must start with a letter and can have only alphabets, numerals, space, periods and commas. Or should I drop numerals from delegate name and city as I think there won't be anyone with numerals in their name/city.
2. Date should be in the format dd-mm-yyyy
3. Email should be of the format test@test.test
4. Organization and City can be left blank

Check the site again and suggest more validation schemes if needed.

Balasankar C

"Freedom is never easily won, but once established, freedom lasts, spreads and chokes out tyranny." - Trent Lott

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